What's Holding You Back From Your Dream of Owning a Business?


You did what you had to, now do what you WANT to.

You've had that idea rattling around in your head (and heart) for years. You know it's a good idea. What is holding you back from starting your own business? Is it doubt that you have the skillset you need to run a business? Is it fear of failure? Is it not know how to start? 

50PlusStartup is here to help you overcome these issues. 

The one thing it shouldn't be is because of your age. People over the age of 50 are more vibrant, energetic, educated and healthy than they have been in human history. And they are starting business in unprecedented numbers.

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50PlusStartup radically alters the way 50+ entrepreneurs are serviced and guided as they work through the startup of a new business or idea. We whole-heartedly engage with you through specific tutorials and advisement based on your present level of performance and the goals you communicate to us through extensive communication and accompany you throughout the entire process - sharing your victories. We want to part of your startup team.